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Meet Shay


Born and raised in Detroit, MI, Shay Cole has been a writer and an entrepreneur for most of her life. She started out writing in middles school. She wrote a lot of poetry and short stories as a young lady and even won a few poetry competitions. She began her entrepreneurial journey in direct sales. Her first product was candles. While figuring out if she wanted to stick with being an entrepreneur or move into the corperate workforce, she attended Oakland University and studied Psychology. During her time at Oakland she made a name for herself with her poetry and writing abilities. After her first 3 years, she took some time off to start a family.

Shay went back to school after her third child was born to complete her first degree. During her early years of child rearing, Shay dipped her hands back into direct sales and even started a few businesses of her own. She had a company creating custom business stationary for local military members and  ran a successful home daycare. 

In 2014, Shay published her first book and started Creative Chameleon in 2015. She wanted to help others tell their stories and provide a platform for them to do so.

In 2019, Shay began to dabble in promotional product sales and really enjoyed it. Shay had so much fun helping others with business branding through promotional products she added the services to Creative Chameleon.

Shay began to perform her poetry regularly in 2022. She got her feet wet performing at the City Winery in Nashville. The following year, Shay decided to add travel advisor to her skillset in 2023. After 10 years of planning, Shay Cole has started her non-profit, The P.E.A.C.E. Movement which is geared towards helping domestic violence survivors, poverty strictren individuals, and those transitioning from military to civilian life. If you run across someone who needs any of these services, be sure to tell them, "Yeah, Shay Cole does that!". 

Sometimes you just have to put your eyebrows on and get things done!

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